Parshas Ballack

If Hashem can make a donkey speak then why not this – A realy amazing story I came across that I wanted to share I copied it from the Daf Digest website . The
following story which the author personally
heard from Rav Mordechai Noigerschol, a
famous Kiruv personality who works for Arachim in LA.
Rav Mordechai related that while he was running a Kiruv seminar in Los Angeles, he
struck up a conversation with one of the participants. He was not sure whether or not his
efforts bore fruit. One and a half years later,
he saw this same person in New York, wearing tefillin and learning the Daf Yomi. He
approached the person and reintroduced
himself. The person told him that he wanted
to tell the Rav a story.
This man was a doctor in a hospital in
Los Angeles. A patient was admitted in extremely critical condition, and he died. The
dead person was left in the hospital room.
Approximately one hour after the person was
declared dead, the doctor had to reenter the
room. Lo and behold, the doctor saw the
dead person motioning for him to come over.
Frightened stiff, the doctor walked over to the
Niftar. “Chaim Mordechai, do you keep kosher?” the dead person asked. No one had
called the doctor by his Hebrew name since
his Bar Mitzvah. “No,” he replied. “Keep
Kosher!” the dead person commanded. “Do
you put on tefillin?” “No,” he replied. “Put
on tefillin!” The Niftar then immediately
went silent, dead as before. “Wow!” Rav
Noigerschol exclaimed, “So that must be why
you became a Ba’al Teshuvah!” “No,” the
doctor replied, “I tried to put the incident
out of my mind. Later, I was approached to
come to another Kiruv seminar. During that
second seminar I finally realized the truth of
Torah, and I became a Ba’al Teshuvah.”
Rav Noigerschol commented that even if
someone sees an open miracle, it does not
guarantee that he or she will return to Yiddishkeit. In order to give up an irreligious
lifestyle and stay religious, a person must internalize the foundations of Yiddishkeit.LikeCommentShare

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