Guidelines for Shavuos Prepared by Rabbi A. Z. Saunders


These are the page numbers for the special Shavuot davening that can be found in the
RCA ArtScroll Siddur:

Erev Shavuot
There is also a widespread custom to adorn one’s home and shul with flowers to
remember Mount Sinai, which had flowers on it. It is interesting that the Vilna Gaon
removed this custom on account of it looking like X-mas. However, many continue to
decorate with smaller flowers.
The minhag of our shul is that Tachanun is not recited from the first day of Sivan until
the 13th of Sivan. This is because the beginning of Sivan is a very happy time as the
Jews were encamped at Har Sinai and after Shavuot they could offer the Shavuos
sacrifice for 7 days including 6 days after Shavuot.
Eruv Tavshilin
As second day Yom Tov is Shabbat, we need to create an eruv tavshilin to allow us to
prepare on Friday for Yom Tov. The details for this may be found on page 654 of the
RCA ArtScroll Siddur. Please remember that no cooking is allowed on second day Yom
Tov, as Shabbat overrides the leniencies of Yom Tov.
First Night Shavuos
Shabbat and Yizkor candles must be lit in Delray Beach no later than 7:49pm.
Some have the custom to delay candle lighting until nightfall, 8:45 or later, using an
existing flame.
It is preferable to refrain from davening maariv and reciting kiddush until after nightfall at
8:45pm. This is to ensure we do not take away from the complete 49 days of the
sefirah. However, this is not obligatory and one may still daven, make kiddush, and eat
before this time if necessary.
Prayer Page #
Eruv Tavshilin 654
Maariv, Shacharit, and Mincha Amidah for festivals 660
Leining 966 onwards
Musaf for festivals 674
Akdamus 714

Many have the custom to stay up all night learning Torah on Shavuos night in
preparation for accepting the Torah. However, this is customary and not obligatory.
Some have the custom to stay up and learn until daybreak, which is after 5am. If that is
not possible, the lighter custom is to stay up until halachic midnight, which in Delray
Beach is 1:18 am.
If neither of these times are feasible, then one should at least do as much learning as
possible before going to sleep. The goal should be to fall asleep during learning.


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