My response to the Pittsburgh shooting


This weeks events truly put the ‘Mar’
(bitter) into ‘Mar-Cheshvan’
(name of the current Jewish month).
As you’re all aware we are currently
mourning the loss of 11 of our brothers
and sisters in Pittsburgh. This has
shocked the Jewish community to the
core. There is a lot of fear around and
people seem apprehensive about
going to places of worship.
This week we read in the Torah of the
first anti-Semitic attack. When
Abraham’s servant came to find a wife
for Yitzchak he miraculously
found Rebecca. When he met her
parents (according to some sources),
they tried to poison his food and
prevent the Jewish race from
happening. Hashem made a miracle
and an angel came to swap the food
and Rebecca’s father died instead.
From that day on we have faced
serious anti-Semitism from
everywhere. It is nothing new and will
not be totally eradicated until the
arrival of Moshiach. However, leaving
the issues of security for people other
than myself to discuss, we need to
show the haters that we cannot be
beaten. Let’s show that no matter
what, we will still practice our religion.
We will still come to shul. We will still
keep Torah and Mitzvot.
It has just come to light that the nurse
treating the murderer in Pittsburgh was
Jewish and proudly wore a Star of
David. Apparently the perpetrator was
shouting obscenities at her. But this is
what we do as Jews, we are
kind and goodhearted and help
others, and
ultimately righteousness will defeat
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