Parshas Ki Tiza


This week we read about the tragic sin of the Golden Calf. Let me explain this sin as a primer for the video: The Jews miscalculated Moses’ descent from Mt. Sinai by one day. Remember, G-d called him up to the mountain to receive the physical tablets with the ten commandments written on them. The Jews knew he would be on top of the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights. Since Moses was running a little late, they lost faith and believed he died on the mountain. Therefore, they needed someone, or rather something, to be the intermediary between themselves and G-d. They pooled together all their gold from jewelry, mirrors, and the like and melted it down. Then they formed a calf from this gold and worshiped it. My response to this is in the video.

We also learn a tremendously powerful message about Jewish unity from the composition of the frankincense, a combination of spices the Jews were commanded to burn as an offering to G-d.


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